Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hello 2016!

Hello hello...

I wanted to post this up earlier but I was sick for quite some time at the end of the year and also at the beginning of the year. You know it is terrible when I can't be well enough to come online or blog. I was having very bad cough at first. Then I caught another sickness after that. 

Here comes the grandmother story... My mummy had dengue fever and was admitted into the hospital. On the same day I sent her off to the hospital, I started to feel feverish and felt extremely cold in 31 degrees (Celsius) weather. Dad was afraid that I too had dengue fever so he sent me straight to the hospital as well.

After running a blood test, doctor said I only have viral fever. But I was still under the hospital's monitoring. The doctor said that it is still possible that I have dengue fever coz dengue fever is a type of viral fever. The most terrible type I guess. It can only be detected after a few days of viral fever. So I was to take medication for three days. Then if the fever does not go away, I will have to come back to the hospital to run another blood test. Thank God after three days my fever was gone. But I was still very weak and I started having cough that was previously totally healed. So I had to take off from work for about two weeks.

In that whole month that I was sick, for the first time I felt really really weak. Maybe it was my age la (yeah, yeah I know 30 is not that old =P) I felt like this time my sickness was like extremely bad. I had difficulty to breathe, I had no energy to get out of bed, I vomited when I cough too much etc... Thinking back about it made me never wanna get sick again coz during this period I felt useless for not being able to do anything.

Anyways today’s post is gonna be hella wordy. It is the beginning of the year (errr… actually the first month is almost ending (>.>)) so it is time to review the year before and talk about the things to look forward to in the new year. Things like that tend to be very wordy. So please bear with me coz it is happens once a year.

First... let’s start out with reviewing my last year’s resolution… which I'm a bit embarrassed to talk about but what the hell let's do it!

1. Maintain a stable monthly income and save up to my goal amount in the bank

 As a full time music teacher and a part time kindergarten teacher for about 7 years now, one thing I've learned is that I'm never going to get a stable monthly income every month. But I've decided I wanna hit a certain amount every month. I'll have to say I've managed to sort of maintain a certain amount. But it's not the amount that I expected it to be =( It is okay tho. At least I've finally stabilize my income. This year I'll do better in bringing to the amount I'm expecting.

As for saving up to my goal amount... I failed it =( I am actually damn sad. I used to be able to save a lot of money when I was in uni. But now I just can't do it. I think I need to go to rehab for my shopaholic problem. Then maybe I'll be able to save enough money.

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2. Cook for the family at least once a week

It did happen. You can see all my cooking posts *here* but it only lasts for a few months. Till April to be specific (>. >) I think I need to get back to this soon. I don't wanna lose my cooking skills that I've built up.

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3. Exercise at least once a week

I managed to do exercise on and off...which I think is a great improvement from never working out at all. Now I'm trying to do it at least two to three times a week and also maintaining a specific workout routine. I'll talk about this more later on.

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4. Take my Grade 7 violin exam

I never signed up for the exam =( I wasn't confident enough. Sigh...

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5. Complete the 9gag Reading Challenge

In case you are wondering, this is the 9gag Reading Challenge...
I think there are 51 categories. I'm too lazy to count right now =P It is called 9gag Reading Challenge coz I got it off 9gag...very unoriginal, I know lol.

Anyways, I failed it. But I did managed to read like 5 books...which is like 10% of the whole challenge. Not bad right? Okay I'll admit that it's quite bad la. Hahahaha~

These are the books that I've read btw...

Out of the five books, my favorite book is The Pact by Jodi Picoult while my least favorite is If I Stay by Gayle Forman.

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6. Travel to 5 local destinations and 1 overseas destination

Last year I didn't manage to travel overseas coz SR and I were busy with our baby making project lol. But no babies appeared yet. Maybe we should just forget about babies and just travel around the world la. Easier than handling a baby no?

As for the local destinations, I think we managed to go four places. Lack of one. Not bad la. Hopefully this year we could go more places in Malaysia that we've not been to.

Here are the places that we've gone to...
KOREF farm in Kluang, Johor


Ipoh, Perak

Actually went twice this year. Both times for weddings but we got to explore quite a lot on own too.

Cameron Highlands, Pahang

BTW I've not finish blogging about all these places. I've haven't even started on Kluang. I better get this over and start with them after this post.

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7. Help out & talk to Mama Liow more often

Honestly with my working hours ending at 7+ or 8pm, there's nothing much that I can help my mother in law with. When I'm back, most of the housework is done at the in laws' place. But I try my best to help out whatever I can. Like doing the dishes after dinner and wiping the table. But that's about it.

As for chatting with her, I don't really initiate the conversations. I'll usually sit with Sinren while he talks with her and join in the conversation whenever appropriate. Or she'll start the conversations and I'll just pick up from there. I'm not my usual talkative self when I'm with her. But I try my best la.

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8. Finish reading the bible

I was supposed to finish reading the bible last year according to my three years plan to finish it. Unfortunately it didn't happen la =( I have about 35% more to go.

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So basically I failed my 2015 resolutions =((( None of the resolutions were ticked off. But it is okay. I'll try again this year. Yes, I am still gonna make resolutions even though I keep failing them. I believe that I need resolutions or goals to keep me motivated and push me to do things through out the year. Even if I fail, at least I tried my best trying to keep them.

This year I actually more resolutions than I had last year. I had 8 last year but this year I have 12. So ambitious huh? Anyways let me just talk about the resolutions...

1. Finish reading the English bible by June

2. Start on reading the Chinese bible

These both resolutions are both spiritual related. I seriously need to finish reading the English bible and get started on reading the Chinese bible. I plan to finish reading the Chinese bible in the next three years too. Let's just hope I can just kick start that this year.

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3. Have a consistent daily fitness routine

Even my husband, who is the laziest person (lazier than me okay?) I know, has a fitness routine. He does not have a daily one. But he goes to the gym every Thursdays and also on Fridays if he doesn't come back to Melaka. Then he jogs on Saturday mornings. As for me, I just exercise whenever I like lol.

I've actually tried forming a routine last year. But it was like 15-20 minutes. I was not consistent enough so my plan to lose weight/cut down inches didn't make it. This year I'm planning to do a 30 minute routine every day and be as consistent as possible. So far... still not so consistent (> . >)

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4. & 5. Organize gatherings with my friends and family more often

I need to connect with my family and friends more...especially my cousins from my mother's side. This probably has to do with age la. I feel the need to meet them more often now than ever.

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6. & 7. Maintain a stable monthly income and save up to my goal amount in the bank

I'm continuing this resolutions from last year. Hopefully I can tick this off this year. I just hope to reach the amount that I want monthly and keeping that goal amount in my bank account.

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8. Take and pass my Grade 7 violin exam

Also from last year. I'm determined to pass it and move into Grade 8 this year. I think it is time to move on and finish up with what I started about 10 years ago. Also my beginner students are all moving to advance. If I'm still stuck in Grade 7, how am I able to teach them?

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9. Start to prepare for my piano's diploma exam

I've failed diploma once in 2010 (if I'm not mistaken). Same reason with #8 above. I don't wanna regret in my life for not passing this exam. I won't take it this year but at least I should start preparing for it. I'm still contemplating if I should go to a piano tutor straight away or prepare sufficiently first before going for classes. These diploma classes are not cheap wei. I have to consider properly.

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10. Travel to one country overseas

My violin teacher suggested that I should reward myself if I pass my violin exam by going for a trip. She said I should take a week off coz I've been working so hard to prepare it. So yeah I told SR and he agreed. We've been talking about where to go but it is not confirmed yet. Plus there's still a lot of time till my exam. I might as well spend the energy to do my best in practicing than think about where to go.

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11. Read at least 12 books

I didn't wanna sign up for another reading challenge this year coz I think I'm not at that level of reading 50+ books per year. This year I just wanna read a book every month. If I could read more than one, it'll be great. But my reading list this year is based on a reading challenge 'tho. I tried to upload it but it just wouldn't upload. I'll try again and maybe post it up. BTW it is called the Popsugar Reading Challenge. If you wanna find out about it before I manage to post it up, go google it.

This is called Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge. Click to enlarge or google to find out more about it.

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12. Support Soprapit for the whole year

I can't remember when it was but I had a resolution one year to support a child through the Sponsor A Kid program. But didn't manage to do it. Another of my failed resolutions :( But last year I managed to contact the people at CNEC (Christian Nationals' Evangelism Commission) to sign up to sponsor a kid.

They sent me this girl called Soprapit (pictured above). She is 14 this year and lives in Thailand. I've supported her financially for about five months now. This year I'm planning to continue to sponsor her. Last year I've missed out to send Christmas gifts to her coz the request letter came in when I was in KL. By the time I was back, it was due. Hopefully this year I'll be able to send her something special during Christmas.

Every month all I need to do is send her RM50 and it could help support her. It was that simple. The other day SR was saying we always spend almost RM50 when we eat out. What we use up in one meal could be used by her for one month. Might as well save up that RM50 and use it for something more useful right?

So that was all of my resolutions. I'm not sure if I'm being ambitious for having a total of 12 resolutions. But I think I have more resolutions than last year coz I broke them into very small goals. I think it is easier to achieve them if it is something smaller or more specific.

I've been thinking to update you guys about my resolutions every month. Also a record of how hard I work this for myself to look back next time. This month I'm not sure if I'll do one coz I've posted this so late. But if I had nothing else interesting to post, I might just post up one.

That's all for this long overdue resolutions post. I'll be posting up normal posts after this. How long it'll take to be published, I'm not sure =p I'll try to post up one each week. Keyword: TRY!!!

Oh before I forget... It's better late than never for me to wish all of you who read this...
May this year be awesome-er than the last.

I'll see you guys in the next post then.


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